Since we started supplying the marine industry two decades ago – initially with teak wood flooring, -panels and tabletops, drifting into production of stainless-, bronze-, gunmetal- and aluminium accessories – the cries for good shock mitigation seat bases with a reasonable price tag have been constant.

Eventually, we decided to do something about it.

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Major reasons to why there should be a seat suspension in your boat


Waves are harder on your back than a bumpy road.

When driving a boat; instead of cramping up, waiting for the next wave impact, your full focus and attention can go on handling and maneuvering the boat in a safe way.

For yourself and fellow passengers.

Reduced impacts will also spare your neck, spine, and knees.

There are soo many bad backs out there..

The whole boating experience becomes more joyful, and reaches a whole new dimension.

A good seat suspension should be seen as a Health Insurance/-investment.

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